Wellbrook Foundation

Wellbrook Foundation, Inc.

... community service since 1989

Mission Statement

Equip Leaders, Educate the Young, Assist the Poor, and Care of the Sick

Wellbrook Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1989 with the mission, as stated in the charter of incorporation in part, to encourage the interest of Asian Americans in active participation of community services and civic affairs, to promote mutual understanding, social harmony, and peace through cultural exchange, dissemination of knowledge, and education, and to promote economic and business development for Asian Americans. Over the past years, Wellbrook Foundation has accomplished significant things. 


Tzi Chi Internation Medical Association (TIMA)

Supporter of TIMA for several years
(free medical and dental health screening)

Pre - K Education

Provided Preschool Education for young children in need.

Taiwan Aborigines

Create 1,000 job opporunties for Taiwan Aborigines in need.


2017 Organic Agricultural Promotional Seminar

Encouraged farmers to engage in organic agriculture and business fostering agricultural activity and business opportunities.

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebration

Supported event with social harmony essay contest, in which students compete for a chance in prizes in cash.

Wellbrook / Asian American Advisory Board Youth Orchestra

Wellbrook / AAAB performs in charitable events or cultural functions.


Feel free to ask about us anything about our organization. We’d be happy to answer any questions.