Wellbrook Foundation

Taiwan Aborigines Project

Organic Farming Program for Taiwanese Aborigines

Objective: To create 1,000 jobs for Taiwan Aborigines in ten years.

I. Introduction

The standard of living of general public of Taiwanese has increased exponentially since WWII. However, it remained very low for Aborigines due to the lack of job opporutnities

In order to improve their standards of living, we propose to develop an Agricultural organic farming program for Taiwanese Abiogenies where they can gain professional assistance to grow Organic Agricultural products.

II. Condition

Taiwanese Aborigines live in mountainous region of East Taiwan with farms relatively isolated from other farms, where we considered an ideal place to grow and produce Organic Vegetable, etc.,

III. Professional assistance

  1. Know-how : Director of Organic Agriculture Div of Taiwan Sugar, Mr. Hu would provide Aborigines with Know-how of Organic plantation as volunteer/
  2. Execution & Marketing : Bunun Cultural and educational Foundation of Taiwan, An Aborigines institute.
  3. Management : Wellbrook Foundation, New York, USA, also on volunteer basis

IV. Potential Sources of Funds

The program requires a minimum funding of 150,000

(1) For every two dollars provided by Aborigines related organizations in Taiwan, Wellbrrok foundation will match one dollar up to USD $70,000.

(2) Wellbrook foundation will provide workshop to train concerned aborigines in the following area: a) Organic farming technique; b) Small business management; c) Home economic and financial literacy; c) Promotion of healthy living

V. Use of Funds

To help Abiogenies farmers in the form of micro-financing.


Dr. Chung Chi Chou, President and Founder
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